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Goody Continues to Expand its Network

13 Mar 2019
Goody Continues to Expand its Network

Goody has an ambitious expansion plan with objectives that the company is not only able to meet, but is actually exceeding. Beginning late 2017, the company began the process required to make its brands available in more global markets. This process included analyzing potential markets in terms of their size, growth potential, demographics, competition, pricing, etc; as well as choosing a distributor for each market selected.

As a result, at the end of 2018, Goody signed a contract with a distributor in Africa, Afrowings for Trade and Services. Goody’s products will therefore be available in Kenyan shelves in April 2019. The Moroccan market is also not expected to be far behind. Both Kenya and Morocco have markets with a total population of 45m and 35m potential consumers, respectively, and in the African market, in general, segments like Pasta and Tuna have a market size of around $500m combined.

Similarly, Goody recently announced its partnership with Eastern Maple Inc., a growing Canadian food distribution company specializing in the import and export of different food products from all around the globe. With this step, the company has stepped into the North American market. This partnership enables North American consumers to enjoy high-quality products from the Middle East.

It is therefore clear that Goody's International Team is boldly implementing Goody's expansion strategy as more and more consumers around the world are empowered with Goody's amazing products. These are key milestones as Goody works towards its vision of becoming a leading multinational food company driven by passionate people building powerful brands. These partnerships enable the company to expand its brand and drive growth for years to come.

Abdu Kasm Shami
Associate Logistics Manager

During my career through being a Goodyian, I have gained much practical experience that has helped me evolve significantly on a professional level. The family sprit that I am livin...Read More Shareg with, surrounded by an amazing team, has enabled me to share great ideas, have high ambitions and overcome rising challenges to achieve excellence and attain best performance; and this is what differentiates the Goody environment. I am really proud to be part of Goody and I think of it as my second home rather than a workplace.Show Less Share