Best in Class Tools

Providing consumers with a wider range of quality products is only the first step in helping them to make every mealtime special. Goody also provides ‘Best In Class’ tools to help create awareness of the many options Goody available, both of the wide range of products and of more exciting things to cook with them – empowering them to Amaze More.

Through our ‘Best In Class’ tools - Goody Kitchen & Goody Communications - Goody empowers housewives to achieve things that they never thought is possible, allowing them to share the joy of a deliciously different meal every day, and bask in the glow of an appreciative, happy family.

Best In Class Tools

Goody Kitchen

In every step of the way, Goody promises to enable females in their daily quest to amaze. Goody does this by providing them with best in class ingredients and best in class tools.

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Brand Building

Goody develops its communication based on deep insights developed through listening and understanding our target audience. Here are the latest campaigns from Goody.

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Khalid A. Temairik
Basamh Group CEO

We at Goody have set out to become one of the leading multinational packaged food companies. Driven by passionate people focused on building powerful brands, we are committed to ad...Read More Shared quality to the lives of our consumers. A Saudi success story with experience spanning across 4 decades. Goody presents 200 different products with our foot print across the GCC and Sub-Sahara region. As we continue to grow we have set our eyes to expand globally and are all geared up to amaze the world. Our recipe of success is attributed mainly to our differentiated purpose, unique set of values and best in class product offerings. The strong association with consumers and most importantly team of passionate people is what makes us stand out. Get in touch with our team any time to experience the amazement around Goody.Show Less Share