Progress is Our Tradition

Evolving the Food Culture, Together

We believe in an ever-changing food culture, an evolution of fresh and avant-garde tastes driven byexciting innovation. We are spurred by the people who dared to challenge the status quo in a fast-paced world. Our purpose over the span of 50 years has been tobecome trendsetters in the introduction of carefully tailored products that deliver on delicious amazement through new experiences and healthier options.

To all food passionates and experience-seekers out there, the journey of evolution will continue moving apace as we spearhead a diverse and wide culture of food. It is part of our ethos to become pioneers in our presentation of exquisite and one-of-a-kind dishes.Today, the consumer’s food consumption behavior is reshaping the food industry as we know it. They are on the lookoutfor brands and innovators that can cope with bold fusions and richer varieties. It is a mandate to ride on these winds of change, bringing inspiration and innovation to every Saudi household with unique products and flavorscatered to their preferences.

To those wishing to embrace their food culture, to those edging for that extra twistthat goes beyond the norm, this is only the start. Together, we are and will continue to be the drivers of the story of food evolution as we raise the bar for much more to come.



They say it takes remarkable people to turn the ordinary into amazing. An unyielding spirit and an unstoppable passion; it’s about those restless minds who keep redefining innovation with every thread of inspiration.

With an eager desire & passion to excel, weaving a world with delightful innovation; for it takes true mastery to always persevere.

It’s our family spirit that keeps creating the will in our people; each crafting in their own way to evolve the food culture. Because Progress is Our Tradition.

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Toque of the Town

A Partnership with Destination Magazine

A good dish is usually the coming together of passion, skill, and impeccable ingredients. Saudi Arabia has been undergoing a gastronomic food evolution that’s putting these creations front and center. Moreover, this change is being led by real people who simply love food as much as we Goodyians do.

As a result, Goody was excited to team up with Destination KSA to celebrate the Kingdom’s culinary champions. As a company that plays a role in the evolution of food culture, and as part of our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we chose to partner up with Destination KSA to create a special dining feature. Together, we’re recognizing chefs and passionate foodies who are elevating local cuisine to the next level. These culinary mavericks have created innovative dishes that seamlessly marry authentic Saudi flavors with global techniques and cuisines. They are pushing boundaries in the local dining scene, crafting a space for creative gastro-explorations and tickling our taste buds with imaginative creations.

Toque of the Town is a collaborative effort between Goody and Destination KSA, where we have sought to find and select some of the leading food innovators in the country, five of whom have clinched the top ranks based on their dishes and professional achievements. Discover new territories through the creations they have shared in the September Destination KSA issue.

Discover the Food Mavericks
Khurram Jalaluddin
Marketing Director

“We are celebrating 50 years of excellence and a semi-centennial record of innovative achievements that have reached millions of households across the GCC. What we are celebratin...Read More Shareg today goes far beyond numbers. Today we are celebrating our existence and an eventful journey of food evolution with the “food passionistas” who actually made it all happen – the everyday heroes, the Goody consumers.”Show Less Share