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Empowering Female Entrepreneurial Skills

7 Oct 2019
Empowering Female Entrepreneurial Skills

In line with the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 focusing on healthier Saudi lifestyles, food companies are seeking to innovate their packaged products to provide distinctive healthy meals and enable women to get creative in the kitchen when cooking for their families.

Every society tries to establish its own identity through its food culture and, needless to say, society’s culture and food are one and the same. This drives women and young chefs to become eager to discover new ways by representing their food culture and experimenting with new flavors and techniques. The latter encourages their boldness in the evolution of the food industry.

As women are usually the decision makers in their families when it comes to food, leading Saudi packaged food companies like Goody strive to empower their entrepreneurial capabilities in the industry. The company equips them with the right tools and skills to make much more diverse food choices and integrate them innovatively when preparing meals.

Moreover, and riding on the rising wave of supporting local potential and national cadres, Goody Kitchen is a successful model that encourages Saudi female entrepreneurs to make an impact in society. It is considered an important interactive platform that offers two-way communication with cooking enthusiasts and foodies, introducing consumers to Goody products, and providing women with unique models and important tips on how to turn Goody’s creative innovations into delicious, wholesome meals. The platform is vital for collecting consumers’ feedback, as their comments and suggestions are taken into account and addressed by Goody. In addition, the Goody Kitchen Online Academy is also one of Goody Kitchen’s tools that serves women pursuing the culinary arts, offering many specialized courses that teach culinary skills and the art of cooking from scratch.

Ream Darwish, owner of Ream’s Kitchen, learned about the Goody Kitchen Academy through her friend, and she used to regularly take courses. Ream sought to apply all the tips she learned from the Goody Kitchen Academy, and persevered until she was able to create her own business by utilizing the advice she learned from the Academy. Due to her firm conviction and belief that the secret to creativity is passion, she was able to realize her dream with consistent practice and determination.

Undoubtedly, fostering the entrepreneurial spirit in Saudi women and upholding their significant role in evolving the food culture requires relentless support from the private sector. Keeping pace with the country’s development and creating a memorable experience empowers women across various disciplines, leading towards the expansion of the Kingdom’s horizons and the achievement of steadfast sustainability.

Hazar Hafiz
Brand Manager - Goody Kitchen

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