Purpose-driven value creation leads to Goody's continuous growth in a tough retail market

16 Jul 2024
Purpose-driven value creation leads to Goody's continuous growth in a tough retail market

At a time where loyalty has gone frugal and the average shifter base has increased multi-fold (15% +). The only way to break through in a fast commoditizing market is to consistently create more real value that is beyond discount sell.

This is exactly what Goody has done today across its multiple categories. With the rise of Tier 3, the only way forward is to take the battle outside the regular fight for a share of the pie.

Here is where I take great pride in leading my dynamic Goody marketing team.  A team that has understood this challenge well and has reacted strongly, enabling us to turn the game around.

On that, over the last six months Goody has created enormous momentum in the market. The focus has been to relentlessly grow and create value added share pillars behind both commercial and product innovation drives.

In the process we are slowly but surely alleviating ourselves more and more from the unwanted pressure of waging non-sustainable promotion wars in the market.

With a sharp focus on delivering our brand’s purpose, “to empower Mom in her daily quest to amaze,” we’ve continued to successfully connect, understand and resolve the unmet needs of mothers.

Consequently every commercial or product innovation that we’ve brought to life has allowed us to enter new untapped consumer spaces where mothers are looking for solutions.

Our Special Pasta and Burger sauce campaigns equipped moms with the products and tools to create restaurant-like experiences at home. As a result, both the Pasta and Condiments categories have gradually regained share momentum.

In the Tuna category, despite the fact that tier 3 has risen significantly. Goody was still able to achieve record share levels. Here again our unique Tuna made especially for sandwiches helped us progress via a unique share pillar gain.

In Spreads, we implemented a combination of both commercial & product innovation.

As a result, the start of BTS - Q1 saw Goody Peanut Butter launch an active movement for kids. The idea of “More PB Energy, More fun” has been driven by a freshly-crafted new animated series called “Adventures of Burq and Bana”.The movement sides with moms and aims to educate and encourage kids to live an active lifestyle.

Finally, the crown jewel of Goody’s recent innovations in KSA was the launch of our Goody Date Spread, through which an age-old tradition was launched in a new-age format.

Dates have now suddenly become spreadable! Something that was already great has now become even more relevant with the needs of modern times. Moms can now serve the goodness of dates in various forms. From the daily breakfast table to the simply irresistible date cakes, shakes and even ice cream; Goody Date Spread has reinvented the traditional goodness of dates and made it relevant to every modern household (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LQ7zDykUx_o).

Value creation is and will continue to be the cornerstone of success in this era. At Goody, we pride ourselves on not only understanding this well; but with our purpose as our guide, we will continue to live it every day with more amazement to come En sha Allah.

By Zia Faruqi


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