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Sieved Tomato

Sieved Tomato

We Introduce “Sieved Tomatoes”, a smooth thick liquid of fresh tomatoes without skin and seeds, made with 100% fresh Italian tomatoes, to give your dishes the delicious taste, rich texture, and natural color of fresh tomatoes. The “Sieved Tomatoes” comes in a re-sealable pack to allow you to use it multiple times. Each pack of Sieved Tomatoes = 2 Kgs of fresh Italian tomatoes.

Neda Ali
Chef - Goody Kitchen Star

I would like to thank Goody Kitchen for their trust in us. It was an honor for me to cooperate with you and I want to take this opportunity to thank every member of the Goody Kitch...Read More Shareen team for their good dealings and cooperation with us. I would like to mention my experience with Goody products as I have been using them in recipes presented on Goody Kitchen’s Snapchat account. The quality speaks for itself (we grew up with it and got used to it), but I had never used some of the products before. By participating and showing my recipes in Goody Kitchen’s Snapchat had added quality Goody products and now I rely on them, and I have advised my followers to trust Goody products. You have my full appreciation and respect.Show Less Share