Brand Building

Goody develops its communication based on deep insights developed through listening and understanding our target audience. Here are the latest campaigns from Goody.


While keeping in mind that Goody is a quality food products brand, it aims to provide its consumers with more than just that. Goody exists to empower them in various ways, within and beyond the kitche...Read Moren, hoping to instill more than just product awareness and functionality. Goody Mega campaigns are created to build its consumers’ association with the brand, to enable them to carry it around throughout their daily quests to amaze. Attempting to do so, the challenge was to touch on emotional factors and situations which are faced by Goody’s main target audience: housewives. In Goody’s 2016 campaign, Goody acknowledges mothers in their effort in bringing her family together. With several distractions and priorities, it is the mother than ensures the family gets their bonding time and develops connections with each member. With Goody, women have the right support in creating amazing dishes that can bring her family together. Goody products can be utilized as the secret behind the kitchen innovation that most mothers are seeking. In essence, Goody is empowering moms to be the source of amazing creations that would establish family connections and happiness.Show Less

Peanut Butter

Moms are bombarded with the same messages that constantly hammer on guilt. Trying to keep their families fed, while meeting nutritional needs, is an everyday struggle. They want brands that help them ...Read Morebreak out of this routine, to do something different, without compromising on their family’s health and happiness. This opportunity was recognized through Peanut Butter in the “Sweetness & Saltiness” campaign, where we created a movement that spreads the healthy versatility of Peanut Butter to unleash the imagination of mothers. We took the first step into the campaign by reaching out to moms on all platforms. We first communicated with them from inside their homes launching our message on social media and supporting it with an entertaining video showing the different recipes of Peanut Butter. We also hammered our message in malls and supermarkets with multiple delicious recipes to further show how Peanut Butter can be used as both Sweet and Salty.Show Less



Home makers are always looking for new ways to keep their families excited about the dishes that they make. They are constantly multitasking, always trying to find a balance between their roles as a g...Read Moreood homemaker and mother without compromising on their career and social aspirations. We noticed that most people choose to use Goody Tuna in sandwiches and salads although there are many other ways that it could be used to create unconventional and exciting recipes. We aimed to give her ideas to make quick and delicious meals for her family without feeling the guilt of creating a dish that is considered too simple. The concept of “Discovering new and creative ways to uplift the Goody Tuna experience” was born through this, where we inspired consumers by ideas such as a Tuna Shawerma and Tuna Burgers amongst others. The campaign was all about how homemakers can unleash her creativity using Goody Tuna to explore new ways it could be used while keeping her family happy.Show Less


Moms are often faced with the challenge of “What to cook today?” And Pasta is often faced with the challenge that it is just seen as a side dish. Goody realized that with both dilemmas, Goody and ...Read Moremoms can come together in creating inspiring dishes that can tackle both issues. Goody Pasta establishes its mastery by empowering consumers through the widest variety of products and solutions. We brought this to life through the Goody Pasta Box; where we delivered it to Moms around KSA asking them to inspire other women on what they can do with Goody Pasta. The Goody Pasta Box consisted of a pasta shape, a pasta sauce, two other Goody ingredients and the Goody Kitchen magazine to spark ideas! The inspiration wave started with our food influencers who in turned nominated other friends who they believe can further inspire their friends. Soon enough females from all over KSA were sharing their pasta recipes; only proving that pasta is not just a side dish but a source of amazement to families!Show Less

Saad Siddiqui
Saad Siddiqui
Finance and Accounting Director

I joined Goody after 12 years of experience in a global multinational company in various locations, and I can confidently say that there is strong commitment and focus in the organ...Read More Shareization on matching global standards of excellence in all areas of the business. The environment has a very healthy mix of entrepreneurial flair of a growing organization and professional systems of an established organization. There is ample opportunity for employees at all levels and in all functions to contribute meaningful value to the business as well as to develop themselves as professionals. Show Less Share