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Goody believes that our people are the drivers to our success. With our employer program – Goodyians - Goody aims to create the spirit of pride in belonging to the Goody family.

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Joining Goody does not just mean you have a job. It's the beginning of a career, with a company that is growing fast - and will provide you with all the support and encouragement you need to take you places.

We're a local company, with a well-established track record - who is taking on the big international players, and expanding our international operation. If you've got what it takes to accept the challenge, we're the right choice for your future.

Lujain Hefni
Lujain Hefni
MRI Executive

I have always loved working with highly motivated people which I believe are the building blocks of an exemplary company culture. Goody provides an exceptional environment that is ...Read More Sharemore of a family which has helped me learn a lot and gain the skills I need to grow in my career. Working in Goody is a mission that will help fulfill a bigger goal. I truly believe that in the coming years, it will continue to expand whilst ensuring every single employee is valued, recognized and rewarded.Show Less Share