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Journey to Amazement

31 Jan 2018
Journey to Amazement

To speed up the integration of new people into Goody culture, we created the “Journey to Amazement” programme. This unique and inspiring programme explores the story and history of Goody, and the purpose, products and people of Goody. During the day, the programme covers the values and business ethics of the company which are learned through discussion and group exercises. Understanding Goody’s culture creates amazing ambassadors for our company.

The questions answered include:

  • How did Goody start?
  • What is the story of early “Goodyians?”
  • What is the purpose and vision of Goody?

During the day, a senior leader meets the participants to talk about his or her own inspiring story. At the end of the day’s programme, the Goodyians make their ambassadorship promise and leave with a special Goodyian Kit. They also leave with an important question: “If, one day, you are called to stand in front of a new group of Goodyians to tell your story – what is your story going to be?”

“After attending the session, I feel that I am more passionate about work. What I liked the most during the session was the discussion with our GM, Khalid. The lesson I learned from the session is: the person who lives with a purpose and has the right kind of values will always make a difference. My ambassadorship promise is to plan and own an initiative that genuinely serves Goody’s purpose.” Nour Alsaleh: Associate Brand Manager- Marketing department

“The Amazing Journey” orientation day felt very much like ‘amazement’ was injected into our veins. It was inspiring to learn about the deep-rooted principles of Goody through its historical timeline. The examples from the Quran and Sunnah shared by Fahad towards our approach to the principles and policies of Goody were very enlightening. As an Ambassador of Goody, I will be as loyal as I am to my other green and white colours of Pakistan and Saudi. I will be part of this family and truly take ownership and responsibility to enhance my passion to win and deliver with goodness" Mohammed Patel: Senior Associate Demand Manager- Operation department

Abdu Kasm Shami
Associate Logistics Manager

During my career through being a Goodyian, I have gained much practical experience that has helped me evolve significantly on a professional level. The family sprit that I am livin...Read More Shareg with, surrounded by an amazing team, has enabled me to share great ideas, have high ambitions and overcome rising challenges to achieve excellence and attain best performance; and this is what differentiates the Goody environment. I am really proud to be part of Goody and I think of it as my second home rather than a workplace.Show Less Share