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Goody Tuna - Quality That Matters

30 Jan 2018
Goody Tuna - Quality That Matters

Finding new, exciting and different meal ideas for your loved ones to enjoy every single day is a challenging quest. At Goody, we understand our consumers; we strive to provide delicious, healthy and affordable food, to help them prepare mouth-watering and nutritious family meals. That’s why Goody Tuna offers the widest selection of high-quality tuna products and has become one of the top brands in Saudi Arabia.

But, in a tough economic environment, where consumers are constantly looking for the perfect balance between quality and value, our marketing team had a major challenge. The team needed to differentiate our products from other brands in the market. We needed to effectively communicate the superior quality of Goody Tuna in a new, creative and compelling way.

After extensive research and countless brainstorming sessions, we created a powerful campaign bringing back the simple, popular selling line from years past of  تونة عن تونة تفرق (One Tuna differs from another). We brought the idea to life through an integrated campaign featuring an outstanding digital video that compared the superior quality of Goody Tuna to other ‘cheap’ brands available in the market. We highlighted our tuna’s superior quality and excellence in terms of its appearance, smell and taste. The message was simple but powerful, “it’s not worth compromising on Goody Tuna”.

Deema Kousa
Corporate Projects Manager

Although I joined Goody with extensive experience in Supply Planning compared to my previous employment, I was impressed with their continuous teachings and deep knowledge. During ...Read More Sharemy time here in the company, I have faced exciting challenges that introduced me to new roles and processes. It is very motivating to join a company early in its growth, that is considered to be one of the leaders in the market. What I like best about Goody is how you can witness the progress every year and how the company considers its employees in it development, as they aspire and reach recognition as the best in the region. Show Less Share