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Goody Company Evolving as House of Brands

1 Jan 2022

The beginning of 2022 is a momentous time for GoodyCo, as we launch our new identity inspired by a rejuvenated purpose. For us, it has never been just about putting food on the table, but rather about bringing people together around food, as a result of pursuing our Purpose: Nurturing the passion for food and heartfelt connections.

This new identity gives us an opportunity to reaffirm what we are as a company and what we stand for. For us this is not just a change in logo, it reflects our continuous pursuit to evolve for the sake of meeting rising business needs behind a culture of excellence.

When it comes to our Products, innovation has always been a key focus for us. At our 50-year anniversary milestone, our brands secured multiple external recognitions including #1 Top of mind brand in KSA for Goody, #1 Most Chosen Brand in KSA for Goody, #9 Most Influential Local Brand for Goody, Transform MEA Award for the Goody Kitchen Brand, Breakthrough Innovation Award for the Cofique Brand, Most Chosen Brand in the Top 30 for the Treva Brand. Our product and commercial innovations are at the core of enabling us to evolve the food culture, as we continuously launch new creations that meet the needs of, and are relevant for, an evolving consumer market.

Our People made GoodyCo what it has become, and their passionate talent is what makes our success possible. For them, building a culture of excellence and serving our consumers in the best ways possible are the drivers that inspire them to go above and beyond. Our culture encourages Goodyians to be agile and innovative, making decisions that grow the business while contributing to their individual growth as well.

What is more, over the past few years, our focus on our best-in-class processes has empowered us to reach greater heights with achievements that clearly cement GoodyCo as a frontrunner in the regional food products space. Through these Processes, we were able to provide our Products in the most efficient ways, in a timely manner and with perfect synergy, both within the organization and with our external partners. A testament to our success has been getting recognized as a Gold Winner of the SAP Quality Awards in the Business Transformation ME North category in MENA. In addition, we are enhancing our Processes by working towards Integrated Business Planning Class A certification, which is the “engine” that drives the deployment of our strategy and links it to our execution processes.

Our new identity reflects all this and more, signaling that GoodyCo is a House of Brands, with multiple brands under its umbrella. Our consumer brands will remain as they are, trusted and relied on by our valued consumers. But GoodyCo as a House of Brands opens the door for the many new and exciting brands that will be launched in near future across the MENA region, as we continue our quest to build a culture of excellence internally while nurturing the passion for food and heartfelt connections.

Ghormallah Alzahrani
Senior Brand Manager

I grew up hearing the “أووو... ما أطيب قودي” jingle my whole life! However, I never imagined that this memory would someday be the key mission of my career. After...Read More Share working for Goody for more than 6 years in multiple roles, I have learned that offering consumers best in class products goes way beyond acquiring the finest ingredients; one needs to ensure that superior processes are embraced in an inspiring and collaborative working environment and, more importantly, that this environment empowers young talent through trust. Simply put, this describes how we at Goody embody our promise of top quality, and how we make that same jingle a reality. Show Less Share