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Goody celebrates Saudi National Day by Inspiring Innovation in Food Culture

22 Sep 2019
Goody celebrates Saudi National Day by Inspiring Innovation in Food Culture

Goody, the industry leader in packaged food products, celebrates Saudi Arabia’s 89th National Day by reflecting on 50 years of evolution in food culture. On this momentous occasion, Mr. Khalid Temairik, the CEO of BTIG Group (owner of Goody trademark), expressed his sincere congratulations to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques HRH King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and HRH Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense. He extended his warm wishes to all the members of the ruling family, and to the Saudi people, wishing the Kingdom further growth and prosperity.

Goody continuously strives to be an innovator of food culture, providing a wide range of the best food products inspired by its valued customers. This is in line with the quality of life initiatives outlined by the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 which seek to improve the lifestyles of Saudi Arabia’s residents. Goody’s unique food products also contribute to putting a modern spin on the traditional Saudi table, and adapting to Saudi Arabia’s cultural tastes.

On this National Day, Goody takes pride in celebrating and recognizing the pioneering sons and daughters of the country for their creativity and passion in cooking, and for their fearlessness in challenging the status quo. Their fresh and enthusiastic perspective of the culinary world has led to great developments in the Saudi food culture, where there is a distinct fusion between authentic Saudi flavors and the influence of international cuisines.

Examples of those who exude passion for the culinary arts include Mr. Hisham Baeshen, who was able to create and share his signature dish Sayadiyah Risotto, which is a local spin on a regular Risotto, cooked in the style of a traditional Sayadiyah. He also realized his dream of becoming a food consultant and menu developer. Ms. Lama Al- Jahdali is also a successful entrepreneur and chef, as she succeeded in creating her own dessert, Cardamom and Rose Choux Au Craquelin, which is choux pastry infused with cardamom and rose flavors. Another testament to the evolution of Saudi Arabia’s food culture is Mr. Ammar Al- Barakati, who excelled in presenting the dish Tamerisu, which combines the classic Italian flavors of a Tiramisu with rich Saudi dates. Last but not least, Ms. Douha Al- Otaishan created the unique dish, Tamen Risotto Balls, which combines the Italian risotto and Hail’s Tamin.

Goody is proud to celebrate those who are distinguished for their unconventional palates and achievements which have empowered them to make great strides in the culinary world. This serves as a constant motivator and inspiration to Goody to continue developing the food culture to keep up with the winds of change in the Kingdom.

Hazar Hafiz
Brand Manager - Goody Kitchen

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