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Goody Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary by Affirming Its Mission for The Next 50 Years

15 Dec 2019
Goody Celebrates Its 50th Anniversary by Affirming Its Mission for The Next 50 Years

Goody organized theToque of the Town” event in collaboration with Destination KSA.

Goody celebrated its 50th anniversary since its inception in 1969 by Sheikh Ahmed Saied Basamah Ahmed Saeed, who set a clear vision to always provide the best-in-class products to customers.

After 50 years of evolution in the food industry, the company celebrated this special occasion with an official ceremony in partnership with Destination KSA, launching “Toque of the Town”, a special dining feature that celebrates Saudi Arabia’s culinary champions. The event brought together 50 passionate foodies to share their experiences with the audience.

The food presented at the event was prepared by a group of chefs who used Goody’s signature products such as Goody Salmon, Goody Date Spread, Goody Natural Ketchup, and recently launched variations of Goody Pasta Creations, Goody Sauces, and Goody Natural Peanut Butter.

Khalid A. Temairik, the CEO of Basamh Group, explained that while celebrating its 50th anniversary, Goody also looks forward to continue its journey of evolving the food culture, over the next fifty years, by committing to Goody’s core values which empower it to provide high-quality, innovative products that suit all tastes.

Temairik said, “We at Goody have set out to become one of the leading multinational packaged food companies, driven by passionate people who are focused on building powerful brands. We are committed to adding quality to the lives of our consumers. A Saudi success story with experience spanning across 4 decades, we present 200 different products to make our mark across the GCC and Sub-Sahara region. As we continue to grow, we have set our eyes on expanding globally, and we’re all geared up to amaze the world”.

He added, “Our recipe of success is mainly attributed to our differentiated purpose, unique set of values, and best in-class product offers. Our strong association with consumers, and most importantly team of passionate people, is what makes us stand out. Get in touch with our team any time to experience the amazement around Goody”.

Temairik thanked all 50 participating chefs, as well as the Destination KSA team for their distinguished participation in the "Toque of the Town" event. He also congratulated the top five winning chefs at the event: Ammar Al Barakati, Sama Gaad, Lama Al Jahdali, Douha Al Otaishan and Hisham Baeshen.

Ghormallah Alzahrani
Senior Brand Manager

I grew up hearing the “أووو... ما أطيب قودي” jingle my whole life! However, I never imagined that this memory would someday be the key mission of my career. After...Read More Share working for Goody for more than 6 years in multiple roles, I have learned that offering consumers best in class products goes way beyond acquiring the finest ingredients; one needs to ensure that superior processes are embraced in an inspiring and collaborative working environment and, more importantly, that this environment empowers young talent through trust. Simply put, this describes how we at Goody embody our promise of top quality, and how we make that same jingle a reality. Show Less Share