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Dates Are Now Spreadable!

31 Jan 2018
Dates Are Now Spreadable!

The journey of Date Spread started with one insightful observation – consumers are looking for innovative products that are both healthy and delicious. We took a deeper look at the market and found a gap: healthy and natural spreads don’t taste great; while the tasty ones are not seen as healthy options.

Popular natural products, from nuts to fruits, are processed and turned into all kinds of spreads all around the world. We thought this could be an interesting idea for dates, especially as they’re deeply rooted in our culture and hold great religious significance. In fact, dates are one of the most consumed fruits in the country. With around 25 million date palm trees and more than 160 kinds of dates, Saudi Arabia is the second largest producer of dates in the world. So, we asked ourselves: ‘How can we use dates to cater to health-conscious consumers looking for new and more convenient products?’ That’s when the idea of Date Spread came up.

But bringing this idea to life was the hard part. Firstly, we had to find the right partner, one who was willing to embark on this journey with us and work together to achieve the seemingly impossible. As this was a thoroughly innovative idea, with no benchmark in the market, we had to create a brand-new formula from scratch and develop a completely new production process designed exclusively for this ambitious project. Step by step, we had to understand the ingredients and undergo a process of trial and error to find the perfect taste and texture.

Beyond the immense challenges, our passionate and multi-functional team – with an entrepreneurial, out-of-the-box thinking – helped us bring the Date Spread idea into reality. Goody Date Spread performed incredibly well in consumer testing, achieving record-breaking results in both product and concept tests. The 360 launch campaign also reflects this success. More than 60,000 contacts were reached in-store sampling, and the digital campaign reached 3 million users – plus, we displayed outdoor advertising at over 900 locations across Saudi Arabia. It all started with a simple idea, but with hard work, collaboration and belief, we created a unique, world-class product – taking the first step towards our goal of being one of Saudi’s most innovative food company.

Nissren Quotah
Sales and Operations Manager

I have always had a passion to work for the best and give more than what is expected of me. Goody being the right place to learn and gain knowledge, coupled with the fact that it i...Read More Shares a sanctuary for highly committed and talented people, were major factors enabling me to join its family. Goody’s steady regional growth in the food industry since 1969 shares a bright vision for its flowering future. In addition, overcoming business challenges with a team considered as a family has always elevated my eagerness to grow and inspire. Being part of the Goody family, where we are part of its vision and mission as well as operating with a high level of respect makes me a proud, loyal Goodyian. Show Less Share