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Basamh Group LEAPs to Tomorrow at OGSM 2020

18 Dec 2019
Basamh Group LEAPs to Tomorrow at OGSM 2020

On December 18, 2019, the Basamh Group held its annual OGSM event; where the whole organization, which includes the Goodyian family, came together and connected with one another to celebrate the achievements of 2019 and share goals and strategies for 2020. Front and center was the LEAP 2025 strategy which was launched in 2018 as a means of moving closer to achieving Basamh’s vision of being “a leading innovative and consumer centric brand building/distribution entity in MEA, driven by passionate people, high quality products and strong adherence to our ethics and values.”

2019 was indeed a year of great LEAPs for the Basamh Group. It experienced unprecedented revenue growth which was driven, in part, by the launch of more than 200 product innovations, and its market share growth in categories like mayonnaise, instant coffee, cake mix, cereal bars and air care. The Group also expanded its reach into new mediums such as travel retail and e-commerce; and continued its international expansion. Last but not least, the Basamh Group continued to enable its people via trainings and engagement sessions.

The Basamh Group’s achievements are possible because of its values, which are espoused by all of its employees as part of whatever they do. These values, such as family spirit and true ownership, enable them to commit to the LEAP 2025 strategy and pursue it with passion. All of this helps to build upon the Basamh legacy as the Group looks forward to what the future will bring.


Ghormallah Alzahrani
Senior Brand Manager

I grew up hearing the “أووو... ما أطيب قودي” jingle my whole life! However, I never imagined that this memory would someday be the key mission of my career. After...Read More Share working for Goody for more than 6 years in multiple roles, I have learned that offering consumers best in class products goes way beyond acquiring the finest ingredients; one needs to ensure that superior processes are embraced in an inspiring and collaborative working environment and, more importantly, that this environment empowers young talent through trust. Simply put, this describes how we at Goody embody our promise of top quality, and how we make that same jingle a reality. Show Less Share