Passion: Why We at Goody are Obsessed With it?

21 May 2018
Passion: Why We at Goody are Obsessed With it?

To build a great business the company needs a larger goal, one that transcends bottom line. The best and brightest talents are attracted to organizations that offer a broader purpose. But, simple defining a purpose is not enough; it’s just a first step. What sets companies apart where people love to work?  It’s Passion. People want to be passionate about what they do, and they want to be surrounded by people who are also passionate about what they do.

At Goody, our vision is to become a leading multinational food company driven by passionate people, building powerful brands. We believe a passionate employee is someone who pays attention to the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of the company’s strategies and tactics, someone who is involved and curious and who constantly questions what the company is doing, and their own role in making it successful. And, they do that not because someone ordered them to, but because they want to.

Passionate employees are the ones who get up and keep trying until they get it right because they enjoy trying. That’s why passion is a vital asset to us at Goody, more important than how many years of schooling or experience someone has. Passionate employees don’t approach obstacles as burdens, but rather as interested problems to solve on the path toward achieving goals.

The primary goal of our organization is to deliver value to consumers through products and services. We are Goody believe the more passionate our employees are, the more value they will deliver for business through differentiation- bringing value to our competitors (who are targeting some customers) cannot match.

Khurram Jalaluddin


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Fahad Khan
Head of HR and Corporate Affairs

I was amazed by the culture in Goody and how it feels like home, as one family. I joined as an HR department Head and I really liked the level of empowerment and freedom that I hav...Read More Sharee to contribute to the development and growth of the business. At Goody, I don’t need to wait for a global office to give me some directions on what needs to be done. The head office is us and we are here to take the business to a global level.Show Less Share